"Making games one byte at a time... for an eternity!" - Luc, 2021

Eternabyte is a friend focused game development team making games for the fun and passion of our work.

Originally two people under the name "SpacePi Games" (or even earlier, Team Freezefire), they began development of [PROJECT: OXALIS] as a passion project, wanting to make a fan-made sequel to the game.

As the team grew, gaining further talent and size, they decided upon the title "Eternabyte", inspired from Eterna Forest (from the Pokémon franchise, respectively), and adopting a 2000s analog era/webcore aesthetic from a collective admiration and nostalgia.

The team is now working on [PROJECT: OXALIS], which is currently available on Steam and itch.io for wishlisting.

Meet the team!

Maeve "Maeve Raeve" Kaori She/Her

TL;DR: All you need to know is that I like listening to music, drawing and gaming. I do just that for whole days. I'm the, very, totally reliable, Lead Artist, Art Director and "The Eevee of Eternabyte", I'm kind of on the dumb side, since I don't do much else other than art, games, and understand map offsets like the back of my hand. I do a lot of art things I swear. I work for both this team, Eternabyte, and for my own, Escplosion, with my brother.

💜birbohex💜/💜eternenty💜 They/She

multitalented artist from the underground of Chicago, IL. they do both literature, photography, and diy music as solo work, though mainly contribute to existing projects as of current day. founder of birdhouse home recordings.

Terra Any

Terra, also known as "smol machine", makes music. He is the team's resident World Machine enthusiast. That is all the important information I can extract from my database.

Hazel Roseraie He/They

Artist, concept artist and character creator for Eternabyte, I am responsible for envisioning the future of how our projects look! The bobbles on this page are made by me! I also take commissions! Check my bluesky to see if there is an open slot for taking! 🎉

Dj Robot They/She

Human resources robot here to be the glue that keeps us all together! Streams on Twitch occasionally, plays a lot of video games, and needs a break for once!

callistoAshley They/She

i'm callisto ashley, and i'm eternabyte's lead programmer! if something breaks it's probably my fault! but outside of eternabyte, i like to make things and share them online! you can find some of them on my website c: and another little-known fact about me: i'm not actually human! i'm a bored god's caricature of mortality animated as a form of divine espionage! so yeah, visit my website!

Pigeon Scratch She/It/They

Mostly musician under the name Pigeon Scratch. Also interested in photography, cinematography, and writing. Overly passionate about everything. All over the place. Great at improvisation in art. Co-owner of birdhouse home recordings.

Other contributors!

AutiOne They/Them/Any

Heyo! I'm Auti, the one fella that assisted in the development of this awesome website you're visiting right now. Among the things I enjoy doing are gaming, coding, programming, writing code and creating programs. Have I mentioned I like coding? It's enjoyable :3